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      Peer-reviewed articles

    (forthcoming) “Democracy and Moral Inquiry: Misak’s Methodological Argument”, in: J. Ryder and C. Mougan, eds. Democracy, Society and Culture. Amsterdam and New York: Rodopi.

    (forthcoming) “Pragmatism, Objectivity and Normative Science”, in: U. Zackariasson, ed., Nordic Pragmatism. Helsinki: Nordic Pragmatism Network.

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    (2009) ”The Meaning of Pragmatism: James on the Practical Consequences of Belief”. Cognitio 10 (1), 81–90.

      Book publications

    (2013) Prolegomena to Normative Science. Diss. Philosophical Studies from the University of Helsinki 41.

    (2013) William James on Religion. Henrik Rydenfelt and Sami Pihlström (eds.). Palgrave Macmillan.

    (2011) Pragmatism, Science and Naturalism, Jonathan Knowles and Henrik Rydenfelt (eds.). Berlin & New York: Peter Lang.

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    (2009) Pragmatist Perspectives. Acta Philosophica Fennica 86. Sami Pihlström and Henrik Rydenfelt (eds.). Helsinki: The Philosophical Society of Finland.

      Other publications


    (2014) “Eettinen ennakointi” [Ethical Anticipation]. ProComma Academic 1/2014.

    (2014) “Normatiivisen tieteen mahdollisuudesta” [On the Possibility of a Normative Science]. Ajatus, forthcoming.

    (2013) "Nietzsche ja postmodernin genealogia” [Nietzsche and the Genealogy of Postmodernism]. Nuori voima 2-3/2013.

    (2012) “Nietzschen maailma tahtona valtaan” [Nietzsche’s World as Will to Power]. In: J. Kotkavirta, O. Moisio, S. Pihlström & H. Seinälä (eds.). Maailma [World], Jyväskylä: SoPhi.

    (2010) “Filosofia normatiivisena tieteenä” [Philosophy as a Normative Science]. In: H. Rydenfelt & H. A. Kovalainen, eds. Mitä on filosofia? [What is Philosophy?]. Helsinki: Gaudeamus.

    (2009) ”William James ja uskomisen käytännölliset seuraukset” [William James and the Practical Consequences of Belief]. In: A. Pietarinen, S. Pihlström & P. Toppinen (eds.). Usko [Belief]. Philosophical Studies from the University of Helsinki.

    (2008) "Nietzsche ja Emersonin ympyrät" [Nietzsche and Emerson's Circles]. Niin & näin.

    (2007) “The Cambridge School of Pragmatism” (review). Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society 43:3, 2007

    (2007) ”Nietzsche ei kehottanut ääritekoihin” [Nietzsche Did Not Encourage Extremism]. Helsingin Sanomat, guest editorial, 13 November.

    (2004) "Nietzschen salatut ajatukset" [Nietzsche's Hidden Thoughts]. Niin & näin.


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