Pragmatism, Expression and Expressivism

Helsinki, Finland
14-15 May 2020

This event has been cancelled/postponed because of University guidelines advising against the organization of international events due to the new coronavirus pandemic.


In contemporary debates, philosophical pragmatism is often connected – sometimes even identified – with an expressivist stance concerning the use and function of language. While the classics of pragmatism arguably expounded several expressivist ideas, it has also been argued that this connection is rather tenuous, and the notion of pragmatism “as” expressivism has also been criticized.

This workshop explores the possibilities and problems of pragmatism as expressivism, and the consequences of the expressivist view of pragmatism in different fields of philosophical inquiry, such as philosophy of art, religion and communication.

The invited participants include Robert Kraut (Ohio State University), Chiara Ambrosio (UCL), Brendan Hogan (NYU), Jonathan Knowles (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Kalle Puolakka (University of Helsinki) and the local organizers Henrik Rydenfelt, Mats Bergman and Sami Pihlström (University of Helsinki). In connection with the workshop, Robert Kraut will also give a public talk beginning the new series Helsinki Talks on Pragmatism.


The workshop takes place in room SSKH 306 of the Swedish School of Social Science, address Snellmaninkatu 12, in 14-15 May 2020. The workshop is free of charge to the participants. More information about the schedule will be made available on this webpage.


The workshop takes place in 14 and 15 May 2020. The final workshop programme will be published on this webpage in early April 2020.